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Melbourne – Underground Hip Hop shows

Melbourne - Underground Hip Hop shows

Last weekend I was lucky enough to catch one of the best shows I have seen In months. It’s hard to type cast this show into a genre due to such a diverse range of artists with Acoustic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Dub, Electronic and Experimental music all being mashed together in an amazing raw exhibition of some of Melbourne’s finest talent. Upon entry I found myself memorized by a 19 year old performer armed with an acoustic guitar, a unique rapping style and the singing voice of Xavier Rudd. We were then treated to a 3 piece electronic/ horn ensemble, with the singer frequently switching from mixers and midi to then playing the drums. The diversity and creativity of these acts just kept coming and along with the crowd I was loving it. One of the best nights out I have had in a long time. To those artists who brought their best game I salute you!

If your looking at booking a gig in Melbourne with venue a capacity of around 100 – 120 people then look no further than Bar 303 allocated right next to Northcote Social Club on High St. This venue has an intimate atmosphere with great sound and affordable drink prices. As for the promoter “Zulu Flow” and his delicate taste for good music, I’m sure he will be back soon to put together yet another spectacular showcase.


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