Hip Hop & Comic Books


My debut EP “Inner Child” 2009

This was my first release. There is some great production on this EP. A lot of the subject matter is based around drug addiction, mental illness and cleaning my life up. I don’t think I even nearly sound like this anymore. If you would like to look at where this began then go no further. Back when I wrote these songs (many in 2005) Hip Hop in Australia was very mundane. No one was really working outside box. Many carbon copy artists emulating the next guy, and hey i don’t blame them, Hip Hop had no foundation for diversity and was still relatively new in this country. I used to hate doing show with the same sounding music. Then other artists started to emerge such as Seth Sentry and Polo Club, it was then I saw that I could go as far out there as I wanted. So I did. My favorite track off this album is still “Hold True” This EP is available for free download. Click the photo for a link. Many thanks to Ben Fletcher who made this EP happen!


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