Hip Hop & Comic Books



I am very pleased to announce I will be performing at The End of Line Festival this year! Often we forget how important community is, we grow up and start careers. This usually means heading out to the city for gigs, which is something I am guilty of doing. Now I have been given the opportunity to perform in my hometown of Belgrave alongside comrads “Emjay” and “DJ Eezal.

You can catch us at the electronic stage throughout the afternoon, I will also be working on a Hip Hop workshop later that day and spitting some cyphers on the main stage around lunch time!

End of the Line festival is a community arts festival put together by volunteers of the Belgrave Community Arts Partnership.

Running purely on the passion, generosity and donations of musicians, artists, performers, makers and the community, End of the Line is creating an epicenter of creativity within the town of Belgrave, which will create ripples all over the hills.

The festival in 2012 featured more than 40 musicians over 5 stages, all donating their talents for the greater cause of sharing and celebrating the arts.  Over 200 artists collaborated in 25 exhibitions that took over the most unusual spaces throughout the town, including local shops, alleyways and even the laundromat!  Street performances, sculpture installations, a makers market, workshops, demonstrations and theatre performances all combined to help foster connections within the community, awakening a pre-existing passion that has sat quietly in the hills, waiting for the right time to unleash itself.

So get out your pencils, or more appropriately your thick black textas, and write on your wall calendar or on your iphone screen in big bold letters; Saturday November 30th – The SECOND ANNUAL End of the Line Festival.  It is guaranteed to be unlike any other event you have attended, oozing with creative juices, unlocking unexplored locations, and providing a platform for everyone to connect, get excited, and get involved in the arts and their community.


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