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Emjay.jpgWordsmith artist “Emjay” has just released her debut single “Duality”. Emjay is a female  Australian MC from Melbourne state. If you are feeling that Hip Hop is lacking depth then I suggest you check this girl out.

This song is the title track  from Emjay’ upcoming album “Duality” a release date for the album is yet to be announced, but looks like it will hit stores mid to late next year.

This song contrasts and highlights the issues we are all currently facing as a society, in today’s climate. There is an injustice, people are lied to, in order to further divide the masses and I for one am happy that people are addressing these issues through expression.

It appears that activism and Hip Hop is starting to go hand in hand. Who would have thought 20 years ago that it would be Hip Hop artists speaking out against injustice? It may have sounded ridiculous, yet here we are, there is change sweeping across Australia’s Hip Hop community and it is one of unity and empowerment to those who have been forgotten about.

The search for inner peace and belonging is becoming clearer, and while music like this piece seeks awareness, it is also healing today’s youth. The disenfranchised are a steadily growing, happiness has been taken over by emptiness and consumerism.

I do believe we are evolving, I do believe in peace for all people and I do believe it all starts here, with people truly expressing themselves. This does not involve altering a pure message to accommodate others ideologies, making it completely lost in translation.  This is not selling sex to underage teens or compromising values for a buck, this is real,  this involves all of us, this is what the future of underground Hip Hop looks like.

Click the image for a link to the Emjay’ single “Duality” or Follow the link here-



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