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Rubix – Break Up Party

Rubix Break Up Party 2013Well I’m sure many of you have heard of the one and only Dub FX. The legend and man himself will be performing at Rubix in Brunswick on the 20th of December and I was lucky enough to land a support!

What a great way to finish up the year, I will also be playing with Kodiak Kid, Jamima Jonez and Snareophobe (UK). So how did this happen? Well I went into work one day and my boss asked me if I would like to play our Christmas break up party. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, little did I know I would be playing with such a big line up. One word to use is shocked.

You have no idea how many gigs I apply for on the daily and get knocked back and on this day I walk into work it seems to fall into place. I am really excited about this show and I am very privileged to be working with such excellent people. The truth is behind the scenes we work our guts out at making our dreams reality, what you see is the finished product. Whether it be an album release, a film clip or a gig, this is hard work and most of the time the only pay off is the love for music.

This is what keeps me going, it is the drive that fire’s inside my belly. Most of you will never listen to my music or even know who I am, but that is irrelevant, what is important is my well being. I don’t care to be notorious or rich, I don’t have the need for material possessions or praise. I do however have a need to succeed, to be respected by my colleges and overall to achieve inner peace and happiness.

The world is a dark place at times, I am not sure how to express my loss of self at times. I do think we all feel unease, these beautiful people are one of the only things keeping me connected to society, without this I know I would drift far away from anyone’s sight. So why am I writing this? it has nothing to do with promoting this show. But I am not trying to promote a show, I am trying to reach out to you. If you are reading this please don’t ever give up on your dreams. At the end of the day all we have is ourselves, do not trade this for anything, keep yourself and live your life. I do love you all and I am thankful to share my thoughts and excitement with you.



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