Hip Hop & Comic Books


1901117_715871145119612_1311388031_nThe strain on each and every hindsight of memory
Dissecting entropy, strange days a page turns earnest
Of things that were never meant to be
So who decides life?

Who keeps this? who deserves it?
Self serving, fists first, twisted sick murmurs
Those who are quick to murder passion..

Distant distractions, acts with urgency
We say different things, sway, give up to giving in
Ridicule beliefs with certainty and then we win!

A collective, relentless, dispensing misery
To an empty machine, defensive trust
Crushes the spirit of human beings
You and me, hoping for lights to intervene

How can you fight to be free?
Pathological certainly, concreted by blinded beliefs
Your light echoes through the galaxy
Nothing to do with hierarchy or salary
It’s the darkness you keep beneath your feet

A path torn apart by deceit, now stand and believe
This is the example I keep
We won’t abandon humanity


Art by: Justin Lovato


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