Hip Hop & Comic Books


NiFpostcard_Ryan_AndrewsAttract polarities, fly light with distance
Time again, define the end, I try to listen
Dithers dim, all the while
Some thoughts are hidden
Time bides to revive some type of vision

With spoken wisdom
But not mine…

Calls to the sky, I fall behind
Inside/exterior components all collide
Potent source of life, tokens, why?
This broken horse is mine

Course my cause to ride
Forced to hold your blinded lies
Endorsed by those supporters, mourning
Who walk the way they write

Serve the helpless, desert your worth of justice
Emerge selfless, enlightened, silent
With a well wish, the dark is frightened
For life is timeless, it defines us

And while the world is leaving
I will know I chose to find the meanings
Of why the blind lead the blind
All the lies that left us weeping

So now we speak for freedom
Focal readings wrote a letter
Dear controllers,
Now your powers dead, diminished

Well I guess were even


Art by: Ryan Andrews

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