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Hey out there! This page is dedicated to my music and poetry. If you would like to hear my music or connect with me via Facebook,Twitter, check out my videos or download free music, then here are some links to follow

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Bastian Killjoy is a Melbourne based hip hop producer and emcee who combines driving hip hop beats with acoustic drum breaks and steel string guitar, providing a unique and intricate backdrop for his superior and fierce vocal style that combines intelligent lyrics and tackles social issues with a fast paced rhythmic flow. This results in a sound that is truly unique within the Australian hip hop scene.

Bastian Killjoy’s first EP was released in 2009 entitled “Inner Child’ and received much attention and acclaim from listeners and artists as being “Unique and beautiful and bridging the gap between melodic folk music and modern hip hop”. The album “No Country For Bastian” was released in 2012. The single “Occupy” made its way to number 20 on the Triple J unearthed charts despite minimal promotion.

Having spent all summer in the studio, Bastian Killjoy’s album “Painted Landscape” was released in June 2013 and is available on iTunes, Spotify and many other digital outlets. Bastian Killjoy’s single “Strings” has received welcoming airplay on Triple J’ Hip Hop show and local community radio stations. Hard copies of “Painted Landscape” available through Wordsmith records.

Bastian Killjoy has previously collaborated with and performed alongside acclaimed Australian and NZ hip hop artists including the Psyde Projects, Class A, Polo Club, Seth Sentry, Chance waters, One Sixth, Homebrew, NJE, Mz Rizk, and many more.

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