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Well it seems I have been sharing a heap of music with you guys lately, with the release of my new single “Foreword”  & my collaboration “Road To Nothing” with famed Iranian artist Salome Mc. Now we move closer to home, I have been recently working with Melbourne Producer Jaavaray on one of his new beats. I wanted to do something different with this collaboration. I thought this would be a great break from working on my next album, which it was. I have been working with a lot of Electronic sounds lately so to be able to jump on an organic instrumental was just what I needed. This is one of many collaborations Jaavaray is working on right now and is out now, for FREE download Via Soundcloud. If you would like to stay up to date on new releases, you can join my mailing list HERE. More details on my album soon! -BAS



For those of you who do not know me my names Bastian, I am a producer/ composer/ emcee from Melbourne. This afternoon at 4:20pm I will be releasing my new single “Foreword”. This song is to feature on my epic new album “Sides Of Me”, which I am currently still working on (I’m almost there!)

I wanted to put this track out to give people an idea of the new things I have been working on before I launch my crowd funding campaign in the coming months. This track will be available for streaming and download. If you like this song, I have set up a $1 donation for downloads via Bandcamp.



WAITING FOR POSTCARDSThis week on The Bourne Collective I will be talking to Brisbane artist and producer Omegachild on the release of his new album “Postcards” and the short film “Waiting For Postcards”. Omegachild has set out on a journey across India to produce his new album and will be launching this feature in Brisbane on the 10th of June at New Globe Theatre.

Waiting For Postcards is a short film that follows the story of Omegachild – an emerging composer and electronic music producer from Brisbane – as he embarks on a journey through India to create an album on-the-fly inspired by both a growing unease with the daily grind at home, and the beautiful people and places in one of the craziest countries in the world.


Directed by award winning filmmaker and photographer Danny McShane, Waiting For Postcards was shot in a variety of locations all over India, in places as diverse as the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas to the dry Rajasthani desert near the Pakistan border.


The premiere screening of the film will coincide with the soundtrack release of Postcards, an ambient electronic exploration that takes cues from the daily sounds of a country at once bustling yet capable of eliciting deep introspection. It will be followed by an exhibition of photographs taken on 35mm film by Danny throughout the trip.


Launch: Tuesday 10th June, 2014

Venue: New Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Time: 7pm

Entry: Free

Be sure to tune in tonight at 11pm to catch this interview on 97.1fm 3MDR. If you would like to stream the show or check out our podcast at a later date you can do so here. I will be back next week to interview Hip Hop artist Celestial Serpent.


Road To NothingBastian Killjoy has come together with Iranian Hip Hop artist Salome MC for the release his new single “Road To Nothing”. Salome MC has gained recognition as Iran’s first female rapper and now resides in Japan. The 2 got in contact in early 2013 and have been corresponding since then, sending ideas back and forth, and sharing personal perspectives on music.“Road To Nothing” will feature on Bastian’ next album. Release date TBA through Wordsmiths Records.

“Road To Nothing” will be available soon for FREE download via Bandcamp

Bastian Killjoy is a Melbourne based hip hop producer and emcee who combines driving hip hop beats with acoustic drum breaks and steel string guitar, providing a unique and intricate backdrop for his superior and fierce vocal style that combines intelligent lyrics and tackles social issues with a fast paced rhythmic flow. This results in a sound that is truly unique within the Australian Hip Hop scene.

Slamadingdong titled Bastian Killjoy slam poetry champ for June 2013, he has also recently been hailed Global Hip Hop Collective’s artist of the month for January 2014, with the successful launch and release of his latest EP “Earth – Air – Fire – Water” in December of 2013.

Salome Mc started making hip-hop music as an art school freshman in 2002, in Tehran. Pursuing her passion for poetry, music and visual arts in different levels ever since, releasing songs online -while being recognised as the first female rapper of Iran- and experimenting with different mediums of visual expression that goes along.

Salome moved to Japan to further study in the field of audio/visual arts, exploring new ways of expression that would reflect her new life style: away from urban life and closer to nature. Now in addition to making music for urban listener, Salome tries to create a connection incorporating sound, photo and/or video in form of contemporary art with a universal audience.




This song is from my release “Painted Landscape”. My beliefs held and expressed in this song may be very conflicting and controversial to some people, but I do try to express that differing ideologies should be taken with an open mind. I decided to incorporate the alphabet in this track to push my lyrical ability to it’s limits. I know this idea has been done before but I wanted to present it in an all new way. When I wrote this song I honestly though it would bring some attention to what I am doing, nether the less it has assisted in my growth and development as an artist. So whats it all about?

Well I believe we are descended from aliens, to be more precise the Annunaki, a civilisation which date back to the  Sumerians. I believe I channel inter-dimensional beings when I make music or feed creativity. So I was thinking, if I was to send a message to other beings in the universe or other dimensions about Earth, what would I say? I would speak about our history, which has a very dark past, the beauties of humanity and everything in between. I would greet them with love and compassion. I would send a message of hope and unity across the galaxy. For this is what I already believe I am doing. Actions are motivated by intention, my intentions are to interact and send a higher vibration to this planet, it’s people and beyond, and I would try to let go of ego and the negativity that hinders progress in order to achieve my goal.

I am not an atheist or anti religion, I believe in spirituality and that the physical body is just a vessel to carry us through the part of this journey, quantum physics has a lot of answers to our questions. It is fair to say our governments have lied to us and plan to destroy this planet for the gain of power over the people. That they have rejected every attempt for world peace and the desertion of fossil fuels, that there is a monopoly over natural resources. Where money takes president over life and freedom.

I believe it is my duty to speak out about these problems and address possible solutions. We have the power to change this world, to save ourselves and to learn something along the way. I speak for peace, I ask for unity. That is why I am sending you this message.





Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.53.43 pmMost days I wonder how our focus strays
Walking stained footpaths, passing change
Each step closer to parting ways
Bumping with nothing to hold
Say something

A city full of strays, kids, thugs with blades
Drugs, rape, mugged, end up on the front page
Racial hate, people displaced, evil set in its place
And waits patiently for many are weak

Speak to me, I hear the whispers, here to teach
Heal the needs from cracked dreams
Fractured beings who wont believe
Regardless of my pleads
So I walk on

Words fall on deaf ears so I lost most my peers
Younger years, wonder how we got here
Lost, everything comes at a cost, it’s not clear
So I perceiver

Dear friends and family, I’m getting there gradually
Almost at my door, counting numbers, haphazardly
With a cautionary step, get to 20, take a breath
Now I can finally rest


Illustration by: Timothy Doyle


Asiulus-illustration-4Climbing through, time collapses narratives
Refined, subdued, this accents our challenges
Lies weep, we wept, deceitful regrets
Pens pressed to exemplify distress

Unrest, broken homes, fallen nest
Wages set to place your bet
Who will fall behind first or tow the line
Immersed, rolls reverse, empty conquests

Grasps at dirt , honours test, how it hurts
Now sour, bursts, devour power, purge
cowards walk in shadows, hers
Echoes, echo disturbed

We like flicks of paper, in those little pictures
takers, simple, naked, make it visual
To inebriate the wishful, ways of thinking
Hit you, hating, crippled patience

While patients sit knitting frameless fits
Life attracts me to this
Now i’m nameless


Artwork by: JOANNA KRÓTK



We dis own contempt, free to roam spirits
Moments collect, I know because you feel it
Healing purpose, cradled, nurtured
Appeal for your young to hear us…

We fear fire burns your furnace, incased hearts
On a path to chase the thrill of murder
Marked, we wait, pray for change
Anticipate this day in earnest

Start again, cascades of waves are vibrations
Speak from the Earth, aches, pain of nations
Notions provide hope, inside try to focus
Equality, there’s no ownership
Only gifts to give, a life to live

That is our right to exist…


Art by: Amberlee Rosolowich



We keep people at bay, looking at passers by
Wave wondering why we can’t relate
Tears cried rain, from the sky, from mistakes
You feel they take and take, stuck without change
But holding signs tight
screaming to be polite to the dayCertain to be kind in ways
Misinterpretations conveyed, again and again
By the actions you take and the things that you say
That speak “Keep out, Stay Away”

Riddles in mind, why to be so cruel
When there is such little time, Why?
Signs of life pass as does the flame

I hope one day you may be able to change
and say, let love pass through today



1623610_711551225551604_1157162646_nTall and loud more endowed than the echo shouts
Believe me, reading more into being defeated
Than life when we greet peace, which is more needed?

Doubled, graced through parallels of achievements
Speaks words, your language with underlying meanings
Complete creation, carrying change feeling weightless

Matter through moments, tracing faceless components
Sometimes we leave you open, signs to calibrate your focus
Note to know this, do you notice?

Slaves to our owners, tricks, divided by controllers


1901293_714049408635119_194098133_nChoose to see what you designed
Complete, compete to find me
Crawling from the ceiling, blinding
Refined by your own timing
Outlooks that search inside me..

By defining signs that lit life
Poured out empty hearts from broken sight
Quiet curse, twisted, fist, first it hurts
Daggers of matter crying light

Silver linings, lye beside white painted bindings
Designing life, confined to trying

Art by: Pat Perry


1911866_714586468581413_1862263524_nDetachment, reacts to amplified actions
Famished tangents, set the slate
Wiped away, walking, fight the game we play
Distracted move, slay the groove to prove it

How much do you really care?
Measured through your movements
Endeavors leave you clueless
Awareness seems more soothing
In between, deemed stupid
Doomed, smoke plumes, falling cupid…

Polarities, realities through confusion
We knew this abusive truth noose would rip
At least, at last the past sets the future
Questions asked less, next?
My naked last quest, fly the nest
Through stretched bloody hands

My demands are lucid


Art by: Alex Andreyev


1901117_715871145119612_1311388031_nThe strain on each and every hindsight of memory
Dissecting entropy, strange days a page turns earnest
Of things that were never meant to be
So who decides life?

Who keeps this? who deserves it?
Self serving, fists first, twisted sick murmurs
Those who are quick to murder passion..

Distant distractions, acts with urgency
We say different things, sway, give up to giving in
Ridicule beliefs with certainty and then we win!

A collective, relentless, dispensing misery
To an empty machine, defensive trust
Crushes the spirit of human beings
You and me, hoping for lights to intervene

How can you fight to be free?
Pathological certainly, concreted by blinded beliefs
Your light echoes through the galaxy
Nothing to do with hierarchy or salary
It’s the darkness you keep beneath your feet

A path torn apart by deceit, now stand and believe
This is the example I keep
We won’t abandon humanity


Art by: Justin Lovato



Seems like the same pain lingers
With interchangeable days in plain view
The painful groove, dead trigger
Disillusioned fables aim to deflate you
Anticipate how to manipulate and arrange truth… 

A select few choose to unglue from this faithful abuse
Stake out to take down these fake clouds, defuse
Same stories, there’s nothing new
So how is it we’ve been deemed to concede? 

Perhaps stray away from our dreams
Collectively incomplete, shattered tethered sheets
I mean I wrote this for me 

Populous dumbed down, don’t you see?
How many wont’s will decide what we be
Entropy, glazed friends, empty
Lend the lens, gaze at harmonies
Silent but deadly aim, my fires friendly


Art by: David Revoy

FREE EP – “Earth – Air – Fire – Water”

FREE EPSo over the last few months, as we have been flying towards Christmas and the new year, I realized I would not have much money to buy loved one’s presents. So instead of stressing myself out, I decided to release a new EP “Earth – Air – Fire – Water” as a FREE download.

So I got a few copies printed up for close friends and my family and put the release up for you guys to grab. I don’t have much but this is what I offer.

If you are reading this thank you for all your support and love, it really keeps me going. Now about this EP, I wrote this originally as a film score composition and then decided to write lyrics to the songs. The names of the songs represent the elements of earth as a whole.

This is a time of spiritual awakening, we are united, we seek for peace. Be happy today, even if it is a day of reflection. Be safe and happy and know we are together. I am not religious, well not in the traditional sense but I think if we can put one day aside in the year to share and be completely selfless, then that’s a start in the right direction. I look forward to the journey that next year brings for both you and I.

Click the photo for a link to this free download or follow the link here: http://thebastiankilljoy.bandcamp.com/album/earth-air-fire-water




Social Commontree – End of Line Festival. Photos by Flutterbycreative

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Rubix – Break Up Party

Rubix Break Up Party 2013Well I’m sure many of you have heard of the one and only Dub FX. The legend and man himself will be performing at Rubix in Brunswick on the 20th of December and I was lucky enough to land a support!

What a great way to finish up the year, I will also be playing with Kodiak Kid, Jamima Jonez and Snareophobe (UK). So how did this happen? Well I went into work one day and my boss asked me if I would like to play our Christmas break up party. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, little did I know I would be playing with such a big line up. One word to use is shocked.

You have no idea how many gigs I apply for on the daily and get knocked back and on this day I walk into work it seems to fall into place. I am really excited about this show and I am very privileged to be working with such excellent people. The truth is behind the scenes we work our guts out at making our dreams reality, what you see is the finished product. Whether it be an album release, a film clip or a gig, this is hard work and most of the time the only pay off is the love for music.

This is what keeps me going, it is the drive that fire’s inside my belly. Most of you will never listen to my music or even know who I am, but that is irrelevant, what is important is my well being. I don’t care to be notorious or rich, I don’t have the need for material possessions or praise. I do however have a need to succeed, to be respected by my colleges and overall to achieve inner peace and happiness.

The world is a dark place at times, I am not sure how to express my loss of self at times. I do think we all feel unease, these beautiful people are one of the only things keeping me connected to society, without this I know I would drift far away from anyone’s sight. So why am I writing this? it has nothing to do with promoting this show. But I am not trying to promote a show, I am trying to reach out to you. If you are reading this please don’t ever give up on your dreams. At the end of the day all we have is ourselves, do not trade this for anything, keep yourself and live your life. I do love you all and I am thankful to share my thoughts and excitement with you.



Bastian Killjoy – Frayed

We have released a new film clip for Halloween! I hope you guys enjoy this, its my favorite song from the album “Painted Landscape” This is the 3rd clip from the series, there is still 12 songs to go but we are getting there!

Clip shot by flutterbycreative.
Album out now on:
iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/bastian-killjoy/id341046196
Bandcamp http://thebastiankilljoy.bandcamp.com/

Trying harder, to do better

Bastian Killjoy

The world is rapidly changing, we are learning that truths our ideals are based upon are lies. Our governments don’t care about us. Life, in all forms has come second to greed. We are on the verge of falling apart, even in first world countries. But why should it matter if our wallets are light? there are bigger things going on here that involve all of us. It seems we bought into this world, murder for oil, divided by culture.

Lies inspiring people to murder on a fear based assumption. The further you look back into humanities history there is a lot of darkness, hate and fear and an ultimate disrespect for life. We need more compassion and understanding, countries, like many have over the last 18 months, need to stand up and sack their governments.

The internet has given us a voice, information is readily available and there is an element of unity in many subcultures. So what can I do? I make music, I try to create awareness within my community. I want peace, its all I want. I don’t want your money, I don’t want to negatively influence your children. Major music labels have done that already, I want unity, I want young people to know they should and can express themselves without being inhibited by societies ideals. Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and all these other empty people placed in the public eye are not here for enlightenment, they are spreading a message, but its one of superficial cruelty, intolerance and negativity. I love you all and now as I’m about to turn 31 I have realized my purpose, its to spread hope to people and to assist people to wake up. You are not alone, I am here with you. Be good to each other and don’t give up. Change will come, its your world now.