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Dr. Seuss Rap – DAISY HEAD MAYZIE – with Bastian Bucks

My read along rap exert from Dr. Seuss’ “Daisy Head Mayzie”is now live on Youtube!
This ones for all the parents and kids out there, and to the wonderfully talented Dr. Seuss. his word play is unparalleled. I was inspired by my niece to make this video, funny enough, I couldn’t keep her 4 year old attention enough to watch it. For more videos head over to my Youtube Channel

I will have a part 2 up for ‘Daisy Head Mayzie soon over a different beat. I did not want to rap the same story to you for 14 minutes. So you could see this as Side A.

Beat produced by Juice



Foreword Art Final2From all the kids at Wordsmiths, we are happy to announce the release of Bastian Killjoy’s new single “Foreword” from the forthcoming album “Sides Of Me”. Release date set for early to mid 2015.

The single will be available for streaming via Soundcloud and will be available for download via Bandcamp. This is a new stage of progression in Bastian’s career, moving towards a more abstract view of music, how music is perceived by the listener and the intentions of the artist.

Much of my music in the past has been solely focused on a broad experience of my surroundings, the external components that have had an impact on me as a person. While working on “Foreword, and much of this album, I have made a conscious decision to internalise my emotions and feelings towards existence itself and my growth. Without the influence of any external forces.

In this age, sometimes it’s hard to see what is actually real. With so many diversions, negativity and miss information shared with us on a daily basis. I needed to step back.

I feel this new work may not interest many people in the Hip Hop community. But it is something I do not fear. This is my evolution and I am hoping to connect with listeners from all countries, from all backgrounds. I am very happy to share this with you!”

– Bastian Killjoy


FantasiaStories, words were written in bounded pages
Before time, yours and mine
Waiting, aching for life
Minds taken away to far distant places

Sparks touch stars to ignite creativity
As vibrant as the world is changing
Derive imagery, drives imagination
Vivid compositions
Although some say the colours fading

Old souls destined for greatness
It does not change us
We define age, as if numbers are related
Forgetting who we are
Blame is contagious

Driven by tangible temptations
While inspirations let to waste
Adult ideals outdated
All these faceless people, predominately jaded

We keep stories that can’t be replaced
Wonder where the next journey waits
Anticipation, completely engaged
See through a fake reality
To create!

Never ending Fantasia

So the question still remains…
How can my dreams be outdated?


Illustration by: Adonna Khar


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.53.43 pmMost days I wonder how our focus strays
Walking stained footpaths, passing change
Each step closer to parting ways
Bumping with nothing to hold
Say something

A city full of strays, kids, thugs with blades
Drugs, rape, mugged, end up on the front page
Racial hate, people displaced, evil set in its place
And waits patiently for many are weak

Speak to me, I hear the whispers, here to teach
Heal the needs from cracked dreams
Fractured beings who wont believe
Regardless of my pleads
So I walk on

Words fall on deaf ears so I lost most my peers
Younger years, wonder how we got here
Lost, everything comes at a cost, it’s not clear
So I perceiver

Dear friends and family, I’m getting there gradually
Almost at my door, counting numbers, haphazardly
With a cautionary step, get to 20, take a breath
Now I can finally rest


Illustration by: Timothy Doyle




HAPPY FACESThis week, speech is worthless
To speak it aches, you feed the surface
Cracks from miss guided smiles
I want purpose but I deserve this
Nervous, words are working

Try to shake this insurgence
Life urges, furthers from here
Remotes to trigger burdens
Closer to disturbing fear

Constantly reoccurring when you murder beats
Appear certain, devout and determined
Hear the squeaks from undermining versions
Expression, depressed convergence
Watch you while it worsens

I hold this for me, stories to stretch the ease
Poured out through versus, endless as they leave
Mouths chatter, smiles are pleads
Of how much this means to me

Happy faces are often waisted
From trying to remain complacent
Refrain from days of hatred
Shits outdated, over rated
I make music, it’s complicated

So we hold high, with happy faces


Illustration by Charlie Immer


Asiulus-illustration-4Climbing through, time collapses narratives
Refined, subdued, this accents our challenges
Lies weep, we wept, deceitful regrets
Pens pressed to exemplify distress

Unrest, broken homes, fallen nest
Wages set to place your bet
Who will fall behind first or tow the line
Immersed, rolls reverse, empty conquests

Grasps at dirt , honours test, how it hurts
Now sour, bursts, devour power, purge
cowards walk in shadows, hers
Echoes, echo disturbed

We like flicks of paper, in those little pictures
takers, simple, naked, make it visual
To inebriate the wishful, ways of thinking
Hit you, hating, crippled patience

While patients sit knitting frameless fits
Life attracts me to this
Now i’m nameless


Artwork by: JOANNA KRÓTK


1176891249376286Hold close, moments awoke indifference
Potent rose, spoken, dimmers as it withers
Coldest winter, erodes, aroused distance
We deal to cope, hope the clouds steer us

Suppose a single light, lit in spite persists
See’s the different side of things inside, resistance
We hide in dark shadows, life narrows as we gather
Time in passing, believe as if it matters

Look around, people drowning shroud the dead
thoughts collect, supports rejected instead
Side step without method, as our mother wept
Steady hand, mouth of madness
Love abandoned

Escape to tangents, corporate false flags
Talks of rapid expansion, collapsing, branded
Lives are taken at random…
Or did they plan it?

Seeds planted, commandments, desperate
Dealing sadness, division, nations ravished

These seem like broad statements
Instead I scribble strokes across the pavement
Defy lies for life has no replacement
Evil here is faceless as are the famous

I think it’s time we made some changes


Art by: Alex Andreyev


Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 10.22.01 amLife waits, we stream through synchronicity
Idle change with statements, truths complicity
Owed dues, they seem to own proof
Token bruise, a focused view, soaked
Speak in evens though the owners knew

Whittled, I work my way from the pavement
Definitions defined, stained from your wavers
Strained, estranged from my neighbours
Waking days, keep away, wait here with patients

White rooms, walls to talk to
While the awkward Voices stalk you
Misfortune we walk with caution
We taught to read an open mood

As night passes, lightning, light shimmers
Sinners, cry, denied, spiked by life bringers
Fallen views, unglued to a chosen few
Empty breath is a lonely view
Expressed, momentarily to get this off my chest

It’s true..

Wrists bled from work a falling mess
Bruised, call collect, heads up they said your next


Artist: Ryohei Hase



We dis own contempt, free to roam spirits
Moments collect, I know because you feel it
Healing purpose, cradled, nurtured
Appeal for your young to hear us…

We fear fire burns your furnace, incased hearts
On a path to chase the thrill of murder
Marked, we wait, pray for change
Anticipate this day in earnest

Start again, cascades of waves are vibrations
Speak from the Earth, aches, pain of nations
Notions provide hope, inside try to focus
Equality, there’s no ownership
Only gifts to give, a life to live

That is our right to exist…


Art by: Amberlee Rosolowich


1623610_711551225551604_1157162646_nTall and loud more endowed than the echo shouts
Believe me, reading more into being defeated
Than life when we greet peace, which is more needed?

Doubled, graced through parallels of achievements
Speaks words, your language with underlying meanings
Complete creation, carrying change feeling weightless

Matter through moments, tracing faceless components
Sometimes we leave you open, signs to calibrate your focus
Note to know this, do you notice?

Slaves to our owners, tricks, divided by controllers


1901293_714049408635119_194098133_nChoose to see what you designed
Complete, compete to find me
Crawling from the ceiling, blinding
Refined by your own timing
Outlooks that search inside me..

By defining signs that lit life
Poured out empty hearts from broken sight
Quiet curse, twisted, fist, first it hurts
Daggers of matter crying light

Silver linings, lye beside white painted bindings
Designing life, confined to trying

Art by: Pat Perry


1911866_714586468581413_1862263524_nDetachment, reacts to amplified actions
Famished tangents, set the slate
Wiped away, walking, fight the game we play
Distracted move, slay the groove to prove it

How much do you really care?
Measured through your movements
Endeavors leave you clueless
Awareness seems more soothing
In between, deemed stupid
Doomed, smoke plumes, falling cupid…

Polarities, realities through confusion
We knew this abusive truth noose would rip
At least, at last the past sets the future
Questions asked less, next?
My naked last quest, fly the nest
Through stretched bloody hands

My demands are lucid


Art by: Alex Andreyev


NiFpostcard_Ryan_AndrewsAttract polarities, fly light with distance
Time again, define the end, I try to listen
Dithers dim, all the while
Some thoughts are hidden
Time bides to revive some type of vision

With spoken wisdom
But not mine…

Calls to the sky, I fall behind
Inside/exterior components all collide
Potent source of life, tokens, why?
This broken horse is mine

Course my cause to ride
Forced to hold your blinded lies
Endorsed by those supporters, mourning
Who walk the way they write

Serve the helpless, desert your worth of justice
Emerge selfless, enlightened, silent
With a well wish, the dark is frightened
For life is timeless, it defines us

And while the world is leaving
I will know I chose to find the meanings
Of why the blind lead the blind
All the lies that left us weeping

So now we speak for freedom
Focal readings wrote a letter
Dear controllers,
Now your powers dead, diminished

Well I guess were even


Art by: Ryan Andrews