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Bastian Bucks – ‘Get Heavy’ Music Video


‘Get Heavy’ is the 2nd music video/ single release, from Melbourne based producer/ rapper Bastian Bucks’. Filmed in the forests of Berlin, Germany during a tour across Europe in late 2017. ‘Get Heavy’ is an extract from Bastian’s forthcoming album ‘This Machine Kills Dreams’, due for release in March 2018.

“ ‘Get Heavy’ serves as a commentary on my life, as an artist and as a person. The idea when writing the album has been to share my experiences with the audience, to give an understanding of just where I am coming from. I wanted to approach this concept with conviction, objectively.

Pop culture, cartoons, music, video games and film have all played a part in moulding how I present my art. ‘Get Heavy’ is reflective and in reference to this.”

– Bastian Bucks

‘Get Heavy’ is available for streaming and download via Spotify, iTunes and Google Play Album Pre orders are available via Bandcamp

Trying harder, to do better

Bastian Killjoy

The world is rapidly changing, we are learning that truths our ideals are based upon are lies. Our governments don’t care about us. Life, in all forms has come second to greed. We are on the verge of falling apart, even in first world countries. But why should it matter if our wallets are light? there are bigger things going on here that involve all of us. It seems we bought into this world, murder for oil, divided by culture.

Lies inspiring people to murder on a fear based assumption. The further you look back into humanities history there is a lot of darkness, hate and fear and an ultimate disrespect for life. We need more compassion and understanding, countries, like many have over the last 18 months, need to stand up and sack their governments.

The internet has given us a voice, information is readily available and there is an element of unity in many subcultures. So what can I do? I make music, I try to create awareness within my community. I want peace, its all I want. I don’t want your money, I don’t want to negatively influence your children. Major music labels have done that already, I want unity, I want young people to know they should and can express themselves without being inhibited by societies ideals. Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and all these other empty people placed in the public eye are not here for enlightenment, they are spreading a message, but its one of superficial cruelty, intolerance and negativity. I love you all and now as I’m about to turn 31 I have realized my purpose, its to spread hope to people and to assist people to wake up. You are not alone, I am here with you. Be good to each other and don’t give up. Change will come, its your world now.


Melbourne – Underground Hip Hop shows

Melbourne - Underground Hip Hop shows

Last weekend I was lucky enough to catch one of the best shows I have seen In months. It’s hard to type cast this show into a genre due to such a diverse range of artists with Acoustic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Dub, Electronic and Experimental music all being mashed together in an amazing raw exhibition of some of Melbourne’s finest talent. Upon entry I found myself memorized by a 19 year old performer armed with an acoustic guitar, a unique rapping style and the singing voice of Xavier Rudd. We were then treated to a 3 piece electronic/ horn ensemble, with the singer frequently switching from mixers and midi to then playing the drums. The diversity and creativity of these acts just kept coming and along with the crowd I was loving it. One of the best nights out I have had in a long time. To those artists who brought their best game I salute you!

If your looking at booking a gig in Melbourne with venue a capacity of around 100 – 120 people then look no further than Bar 303 allocated right next to Northcote Social Club on High St. This venue has an intimate atmosphere with great sound and affordable drink prices. As for the promoter “Zulu Flow” and his delicate taste for good music, I’m sure he will be back soon to put together yet another spectacular showcase.