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10897936_897298716976853_5989628425641713038_nAs we are thrust into the new year I have much to reflect upon and many thanks to to give. Thanks to those who have supported me and guided me through this journey, It is because of these people that we have arrived here. 3 months ago I launched a crowd funding campaign in order to raise the funds to release my next album ‘Sides Of Me’. If we are to talk about stepping out of comfort zones and entering the realm of the unknown, then this campaign would be my best example.

I was initially hesitant to ask people to pre order an album that I had not finished recording. But as the support flooded in, I soon came to see I was doing the right thing. The creative direction I was going in soon shifted and this album became as much about sharing with others as it did about getting my message out there. The result is something I am very proud and excited to share with the world.

I’m not sure what genre ‘Sides Of Me’ falls under, It is really a reflection of my favourite genres, stylings and artists, and takes a lot from my childhood in the 80’s growing up. The album does have a more uplifting although sentimental undertone than my other releases, which are more focused on my frustrations and beliefs. This album symbolises my return to a stage of reflection and mindfulness.

‘Sides Of Me’ will be available on vinyl, CD and in digital stores on February 26th. To everyone who has pre ordered a copy of this album, your shipment will be arriving via post on the 26th of February also. To all pledgers who ordered digital copies of my previous albums/ EP’s, these have been sent to you via email. So be sure to jump on there and grab your prize!

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10687173_552326994898743_7559531306657253121_nI will be joining a stella line up this Friday the 31st of October at Hares & Hyenas! Join us for our first ever night devoted to hip hop, rap and spoken word. The evening brings together some of the best talents of Melbourne’s hip hop and spoken word scene, including Morganics, Bastian Killjoy, Gabriela Georges, EE’DA, Tolls and Tumi (aka Tumi the Be).

$12/10 entry, 7pm start! For more information, visit our events listing on the Hare Hole website: http://wordisout.com.au/?p=1601


Morganics is an award-winning Hip Hop artist, director and community worker. An MC, Bboy, beatboxer, producer and Hip Hop Theatre artist he has performed from New York to Tanzania, the Sydney Opera House to Prague. His extensive work with indigenous communities includes The Wilcannia Mob’s “Down River” which he remixed for MIA’s album “Kala”. Morganics is currently completing his forthcoming album “Music For My Friends And My Enemies” and is in post production for his Hip Hop feature film, “Survival Tactics”.

From rural to urban, ancient to contemporary, Ee’da’s work encapsulates diversity. She is a spoken-word performance artist, dancer, arts educator and musician. Her sound traverses hip-hop, soul, folk, reggae and electronica. She has performed at the Arts Centre, United Nations Conference opening, Bowery Poetry Club NYC, National Day Celebrations in Aajmer, India, The Silveroom in Chicago and Federation Square. In 2012, at the Sydney Harmony International Short Film Festival, she earned the title of Most Original Concept for ‘Fade to white’, a spoken word piece discussing the disturbing practice of skin-bleaching among women of colour. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Sisters For Sisters (SFS), a women’s arts and music collective that spearheads fundraising initiatives for worthy causes locally and abroad. She was awarded recently the Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence for her engagement in community work. She may wear many hats but Ee’da is driven by a singular passion – to live a purposeful life, living for the love of music, community, the arts and the simple power of expression.

TUMI (aka TUMI the BE)
Tumi AKA Tumi the Be began writing songs as a form of expression in October 2010 and has not looked back since the first time he connected the dots that gave his words meaning. With earlier stylistic influences such as Dr Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, this poet/MC tells his stories through a mixture of spoken word and concept driven rap.

Bastian Killjoy is a Melbourne based Hip Hop producer and emcee who combines atmospheric soundscapes with acoustic drum breaks, providing a unique and intricate backdrop for his superior and fierce vocal style. That combines intelligent lyrics and tackles social issues with a fast paced rhythmic flow. Resulting in a sound that is truly unique within the Australian Hip Hop scene.

Gabriela Georges is an acoustic musician and spoken-word poet from Melbourne’s West. This year, she has performed in the Sydney Fringe Festival, won her first poetry slam as part of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival and had her work published in Vic Uni’s Offset Arts Journal. In her original music, she enjoys exploring the fusion of acoustic r’n’b and hip-hop as well as the use of rhythm and percussion. Interested in the human psyche and experiences of love and loss; Gabriela is now in the process of recording her first EP due early 2015. You can find her on FB and catch her performing at the Djerriwarrh Festival next week as well as the Activist Arts Festival on November the 15th.

Tolls is a tepid middle-aged woman in a hot headed little boys body. An MC/poet/stage wrecker originally from the depths of Central Victoria, (Seymour) but now currently based in Brunswick, he brings a mixture of energetic flows, honest lyrics, and an uncompromising attitude on stage. Tolls is currently working predominately alongside Davinci, a producer from Hobart, now also living in Brunswick. Tolls has supported the likes of Mantra, Joelistics (Slamalamadingdong Feature), JackyT, WiLnO, Stormey Coleman (USA) and performed in rap battles alongside some of the best in the country. Don’t believe the hype of this community minded artist though; he will steal your day old bread and nannas pair of crocs.


My new single has arrived! This song is taken from the album ‘Sides Of Me’. I am currently running a Pozible campaign to help me release this album. I have put this song up as a thank you to all the people who have supported my project so far. We kicked this campaign off 11 days ago and have reached over 32% of the funds needed!

All pledgers have been sent a personal download of this song. For the general public it is available for streaming via Soundcloud. I wrote this song in regards to peoples sense of entitlement in Australia and abroad. I am touching on racism here, our disconnection from our planet and surroundings, and the idea that one person or a group of people could have a feeling of ownership over nature and where we inhabit is preposterous. This also relates to governments and their borders.

People seeking refuge deserve help and aid. Indigenous Australians deserve more respect for their land and heritage, and our children, tomorrows future deserve better. This is relative in too many other parts of the world. We are slipping further and further into decay, all sense of decency and democracy has been washed away by our blood soaked beaches. I speak for sustainability, I fight for the human spirit to rise and takes its place among the stars. I seek change.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideals with you. I do this not from a personal point of view in my beliefs, but it is more a collective oversee of what is happening from a spiritual view. If someone who didn’t live on Earth is watching us then how would we look? This is sometimes an embarrassing and uncomfortable thought, but one that needs addressing. We can do better.

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Hey guys!

I have launched my crowd funding campaign! This is very exciting. This is the story of my life’s passion, my inspirations and motives behind making music, and why I am so compelled to get my message out to people. It has taken me almost a decade of personal growth; through creative expression to arrive here, to this album ‘Sides Of Me’ so I thought I would make this one count!

I will be bringing this album to you on Vinyl as well as CD and digital formats. This has been in the making for a long time and I hope with your support I can release my album ‘Sides Of Me’

I have undertaken a massive amount of growth in my music through persistence and with the help of U.S based producer and friend, Tim Hanson of North Village Recording. Who has worked with me, mixing and mastering my music for the last 3 years. Once again he will be working with me in the mixing and mastering process of this project.

If you would like to get involved or find out more information you can follow my campaign HERE

I have a lot of goodies to offer but if your after a record I suggest getting in quick!


Well it seems I have been sharing a heap of music with you guys lately, with the release of my new single “Foreword”  & my collaboration “Road To Nothing” with famed Iranian artist Salome Mc. Now we move closer to home, I have been recently working with Melbourne Producer Jaavaray on one of his new beats. I wanted to do something different with this collaboration. I thought this would be a great break from working on my next album, which it was. I have been working with a lot of Electronic sounds lately so to be able to jump on an organic instrumental was just what I needed. This is one of many collaborations Jaavaray is working on right now and is out now, for FREE download Via Soundcloud. If you would like to stay up to date on new releases, you can join my mailing list HERE. More details on my album soon! -BAS