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Revenge Cover ArtHip Hop producer/ emcee Bastian Bucks reaches out from the underground this June with the announcement of his new single ‘Revenge’ and subsequent album release on the horizon for 2017. The independent artist, hailing from Melbourne, is ready to deliver on what looks to be a new dawn of progression in Australian Hip Hop.

Stepping away from the traditional styling’s and success of his Australian counterparts, Bastian Bucks pushes the boundaries of creativity to no end. Leaving a crack in the foundation of what is considered to be popular music. Turning pre conceptions of the Hip Hop specific genre on their head, Bastian Bucks embodies a new era in Australian music.

‘Revenge’ will be available for download/ streaming via Triple J Unearthed and Bandcamp Thursday June 1st.

Album release date TBA



Did I hear new music?? Thats right! Just hours ago my latest music video for my latest single The Voynich Manus went live on Youtube! + streaming/ downloading here
I am really happy to be able to share this song & accompanying video with you. It feels like more than a year ago since I released my albumSides Of Me, with your help, but it has only been 10 months since then. A lot has changed and evolved with my music and the creative process during this time. I’m not sure where I am heading, but it is certainly away from where I was before and that means growth.

‘The Voynich Manus’ is really an interpretive piece on today, 2015. the things happening around us, our reactions, your reaction. How we see the world and how the world might see us back, on a level we often undermine and neglect, on a mindful level. What do we really know about who we are in proportion to the whole/ and that is why I called this song The Voynich Manus(cript). I hope people will find understanding in my intentions and put meaning to my madness. If not, the tune is pretty fly.

You can stream or download ‘The Voynich Manus’ for free HERE. I will have more details on my forthcoming album as we head over to the new year. Wishing you all a very happy and safe holiday season!


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.01.29 am

So after just 2 and a half days of this campaign being active we have reached $680 in pledges thanks to all you amazing people out there!

This campaign has been launched to help me complete and release my album ‘Sides Of Me’ on vinyl as well as CD. My deadline for raising the total funds is in December, so we have just 2 months to make this possible.

I have been working on ‘Sides Of Me’ since January of 2014 and I am just finishing up the final 2 songs. I released the single ‘Foreword’ from the album in August of 2014, to give people an idea of what I have been working on. The positive feedback I have received from listeners and fellow artists has been tremendous.

I have really put myself out there in doing this. It has already given me a lot of confidence and hope to see how far we have already reached with your support.

I will be bringing you weekly updates on this project including video updates and the release of new singles along the way.

To keep up to date on this project I have created an event on Facebook. More directly I will be sending out weekly newsletters via my mailing list. If you would like to sign up to the mailing list click HERE. To all of you out there, I thank you for your support. It is great to know that as an independent artist my work is still valued and acknowledged by music lovers.







We Float

We Float

To all those inter dimensional beings out there. I feel we are connecting through music. So I have bundled together as much information as i can in 4:00 mm to explain a bit about us here on earth. Its all about intention! Here are the lyrics if your finding it hard to keep up. (Click photo for a link to the song).

Wait breaks even late, deflated meaning to be awake

I know where you feather there the lettered stairs

A attributed, according analogy, areas astrology, audacity apology

Before the best but behind, Bastian breaks it better

Buys boost, beheaded, bet it belligerent. Collective

Correct it, concocted, connected concepts, conceivably closer

Credit, call it connect, Christ can cancel, Directives, directors

Demented dumb down defendants do, don’t do done dada

Did it, done, debts drowning, ditty, doddle defame

Enable, endless, everyone everywhere, everything, extra entities

Eighties, electric expression, exit, expose, even, engross, evil, elope

Focus, feeble, feral, float for freedom fades, far further fables

Fiddles fist full, frail from fluoride, fight. Glue it, glide, green Granada,

Grandpapa, guardian, grays gather, gifted, guard up

Humble, heavy headed, here, Hiroshima hide, heroes, hope

Have, have not, Hip Hop horoscope, hoarders, hindrance

Inters cope, inner, Ipswich, inter, intro, illusive, indicate, irate

Interweaves, Iran intervenes, Idiots in-between.

Jokers, jets, jail, justified, jump, jamboree, join Jamie

Jolly jam, jacaranda. Kill it, killjoy, knave, katana, Klame, kin

Kookaburra, kumara. Lat laughter, libido, leading lobos

Linked lovers, laws, la la land, liars, lame, light lifted lines

Littered, lettered, life lit mine, emcees, might mismatch, morph

Manifest, mere mortal, Manowar, market mix, mental merry Mayan

Over, Oder, order, ordinary oracle, omen. Orion, orgasm

Open opportunity, orbs. Pause, purse, persuade, persona parade

Pace, perpetuate praise, paranoid person paid. Quake, quicken, quiver

Queer Queen. Rain, reminisce, righteous, Ringo, red, riddled, rises

Reap, relinquish ravens, raves, rapids, ruins remember

Ravish savage saints, salvage, surrender, shudder, stutter

Stumble, suffer, select, sent, service stranger serpents

Tyrannosaurus, turbulent turbans turn to travel, tyrants, tears

Trust torn, to take, tyranny. urk, urgency, under utopias universe

Used, unified, useless unicorn,U turn. Verse visor, Vader

Violent vagrant, volume, vein, vase, vortex. Worthless work

Wankers will waver, warned world, wet, warm walk winter, wrecked

Nothing starts with X, X files, Xavier, yes, yesterday, young yester morn

Yours, yell, yellow, York. Zelda, zealous, zebra, Zion

Melded with these steps, understand numbers are next

Complex 10 to 1, survive 2 to befriend, hidden messages

Pendulums, fading trends, market target spikes the end

Truth existence of aliens, so much clutter

Understand the message friend

I’ll keep this in my head until the end

I’m just a piece of the puzzle adjust to the muddled mess

A reach that is subtle now life’s not a contest

We met there in trouble afraid of the unrest

Defeat, burst that bubble we can change this

Fuck yes!