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Last week saw the arrival of my latest album ‘Golly Gosh’. Which is now available on all reputable digital outlets. I have taken this album back to my early roots and just wanted to make something in the moment, without over analysing anything too much. And after spending a few months of producing/ writing/ mixing/ mastering the album, this is what I came up with.

I honestly think this is just one of those one off things. Something I won’t try to replicate or dissect. It is now my favourite album and reflects me completely. I’m sure my outlook will continue to change, as it always has. But I will forever very proud to give this to you.

‘Golly Gosh’ is available via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and many other digital platforms. Physical copies are available via my Bandcamp

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10897936_897298716976853_5989628425641713038_nAs we are thrust into the new year I have much to reflect upon and many thanks to to give. Thanks to those who have supported me and guided me through this journey, It is because of these people that we have arrived here. 3 months ago I launched a crowd funding campaign in order to raise the funds to release my next album ‘Sides Of Me’. If we are to talk about stepping out of comfort zones and entering the realm of the unknown, then this campaign would be my best example.

I was initially hesitant to ask people to pre order an album that I had not finished recording. But as the support flooded in, I soon came to see I was doing the right thing. The creative direction I was going in soon shifted and this album became as much about sharing with others as it did about getting my message out there. The result is something I am very proud and excited to share with the world.

I’m not sure what genre ‘Sides Of Me’ falls under, It is really a reflection of my favourite genres, stylings and artists, and takes a lot from my childhood in the 80’s growing up. The album does have a more uplifting although sentimental undertone than my other releases, which are more focused on my frustrations and beliefs. This album symbolises my return to a stage of reflection and mindfulness.

‘Sides Of Me’ will be available on vinyl, CD and in digital stores on February 26th. To everyone who has pre ordered a copy of this album, your shipment will be arriving via post on the 26th of February also. To all pledgers who ordered digital copies of my previous albums/ EP’s, these have been sent to you via email. So be sure to jump on there and grab your prize!

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If you would like to pre order a copy of ‘Sides Of Me’ on CD, then you can get in touch with me via the contact form below.


Road To NothingBastian Killjoy has come together with Iranian Hip Hop artist Salome MC for the release his new single “Road To Nothing”. Salome MC has gained recognition as Iran’s first female rapper and now resides in Japan. The 2 got in contact in early 2013 and have been corresponding since then, sending ideas back and forth, and sharing personal perspectives on music.“Road To Nothing” will feature on Bastian’ next album. Release date TBA through Wordsmiths Records.

“Road To Nothing” will be available soon for FREE download via Bandcamp

Bastian Killjoy is a Melbourne based hip hop producer and emcee who combines driving hip hop beats with acoustic drum breaks and steel string guitar, providing a unique and intricate backdrop for his superior and fierce vocal style that combines intelligent lyrics and tackles social issues with a fast paced rhythmic flow. This results in a sound that is truly unique within the Australian Hip Hop scene.

Slamadingdong titled Bastian Killjoy slam poetry champ for June 2013, he has also recently been hailed Global Hip Hop Collective’s artist of the month for January 2014, with the successful launch and release of his latest EP “Earth – Air – Fire – Water” in December of 2013.

Salome Mc started making hip-hop music as an art school freshman in 2002, in Tehran. Pursuing her passion for poetry, music and visual arts in different levels ever since, releasing songs online -while being recognised as the first female rapper of Iran- and experimenting with different mediums of visual expression that goes along.

Salome moved to Japan to further study in the field of audio/visual arts, exploring new ways of expression that would reflect her new life style: away from urban life and closer to nature. Now in addition to making music for urban listener, Salome tries to create a connection incorporating sound, photo and/or video in form of contemporary art with a universal audience.




Tetris Studios 4th Birthday Party

Tetris Studios 4th Birthday Party

I recently started an internship at Tetris Studios. I am very blessed to be a part of this team and next Saturday the 7th its their 4th Birthday day! I was talking to my boss today and she asked if I would like to play at the show next weekend. I am supporting another artist for his album launch that night but I was able to get an afternoon slot for the Tetris party. So 2 gigs on one day! It’s going to be a big weekend. I feel a sense of community making music that I don’t think I would have found anywhere else in my life. Especially through making Hip Hop. It is a long frustrating road we travel, but the journey is worth it.

“4 years ago, Tanz walked into an empty warehouse in Brunswick with a vision to create a world that existed beyond the rusty gates of the ‘real’ world. A world that inspired people to dream big and provided the tools to morph those dreams into their reality. She saw a world were people traded skills instead of money and success was measured by happiness not bank accounts. A world were where everybody felt at home.

On the 1st of September 2009, she was given the keys and this world was created, she named it TETRIS. She saw all the people and projects as blocks of different colours and different shapes that would come together, all falling perfectly into place, connecting with each other creating stronger projects, producing high quality music and art that represented the florescent back streets of Melbourne, the anti government mind state our generation adorns and the awakening of self sustainability.

In just 4 years Tetris has become a staple in the Melbourne music and arts scene, connecting thousands of people and has created a number of well respected and supported projects for youth, up and coming talent and established artists.

To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’re inviting all our past resident artists, volunteers, crew members, extended music and arts family as well as all the people who haven’t yet had the Tetris experience to join us in doing what we do best… PARTAY!!! and of course shoot hoops, eat burgers, sk8 the mini ramp and have a burn on our brand new ping pong table while our favourite family dj’s and mc’s keep the vibes flowing”.