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Revenge Cover ArtHip Hop producer/ emcee Bastian Bucks reaches out from the underground this June with the announcement of his new single ‘Revenge’ and subsequent album release on the horizon for 2017. The independent artist, hailing from Melbourne, is ready to deliver on what looks to be a new dawn of progression in Australian Hip Hop.

Stepping away from the traditional styling’s and success of his Australian counterparts, Bastian Bucks pushes the boundaries of creativity to no end. Leaving a crack in the foundation of what is considered to be popular music. Turning pre conceptions of the Hip Hop specific genre on their head, Bastian Bucks embodies a new era in Australian music.

‘Revenge’ will be available for download/ streaming via Triple J Unearthed and Bandcamp Thursday June 1st.

Album release date TBA


My debut EP “Inner Child” 2009

This was my first release. There is some great production on this EP. A lot of the subject matter is based around drug addiction, mental illness and cleaning my life up. I don’t think I even nearly sound like this anymore. If you would like to look at where this began then go no further. Back when I wrote these songs (many in 2005) Hip Hop in Australia was very mundane. No one was really working outside box. Many carbon copy artists emulating the next guy, and hey i don’t blame them, Hip Hop had no foundation for diversity and was still relatively new in this country. I used to hate doing show with the same sounding music. Then other artists started to emerge such as Seth Sentry and Polo Club, it was then I saw that I could go as far out there as I wanted. So I did. My favorite track off this album is still “Hold True” This EP is available for free download. Click the photo for a link. Many thanks to Ben Fletcher who made this EP happen!